The Mandalorian Renewed Already?

The Mandalorian is the first Star Wars live action series and one of the most anticipated projects coming on Disney+. The show has a budget on a scale few TV series have been able to reach, but Lucasfilm has done a great job of hiring some great talent for the show. Now there are some rumors stating that the show has already been renewed for a second season before the first one even premieres.

A renewal before a premiere date isn’t as ridiculous as it may sound. Amazon did it with Jack Ryan before it even premiered last year. I’m sure this show is going to be successful. Its just a question of whether it’ll be good or not, but if its already been renewed that that’s a good sign that Disney and Lucasfilm are pretty confident in it.

Star Wars Celebration is this month, and its probably going to be the first time we see footage for the show. So the hype for this show should really pick up if the footage impresses.