What April Fools News Tricked You Today?

April Fools Day is the one day of the year when I hate the internet, because there are just endless amounts of fake news stories that get you excited for about half a second before you realize that its April Fools Day and its probably fake.

The one headline that got me for a second was that Led Zeppelin was going to reunite for a concert. They were going to replace The Rolling Stones at a festival. That lie is somewhat based in fact, which was why I fell for it at first, because The Rolling Stones did actually have to postpone some tour dates recently. Still, you can’t help by be fooled by this news some times. Surprisingly I didn’t fall for any Star Wars news today.

If you can get through April Fools day without looking like an idiot I’m proud of you. I hope you weren’t fooled by a fake pregnancy post on Facebook.

What April Fools news tricked you today?