What is Your Go-To “Easy” Meal?

There are some times when your hungry but you just aren’t looking forward to making all this effort to cook something. That’s when you see what’s hiding in the can drawer or the freezer. You just reheat your supper in the stove without really having to think twice about it.

Whenever I don’t feel like cooking I grab a frozen pizza. I’m not real picky on the brand. Most of them are good, none are amazing, but none are bad. You just cook it for 25 minutes and your good to go.

Also, another one of my favorite cheap/easy meals is Irish Stew. You can find the Puritan stuff in a can all the time. Its just meat and vegetables with gravy poured on top. It takes 10 minutes to cook and I always enjoy it.

What is your go-to “easy” meal?