Money for nothing and my dick for free

Life in TheGreatOutdoors is pretty sweet , as an author I don’t pay for anything anymore. To the casual reader my writings seem naturally unbiased and neutral, but to the trained eye everything I do now is a product endorsement. The upside to selling out   is the free shit you get , the down side is well there is no down side because of all the free shit. 

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A lot of women are intimidated by my influence, it’s pretty well known in powerful circles that a cool nod from me at a cock-n-tail party can make or break a year for the simple cogs in the wheel of American capitalism. This can hurt my weekly average with the ladies,  so I often have to slum around for a little strange to keep mister woody standing at attention.

I especially like to hit the all you can eat buffets, that’s a good place to pick up a lady that’s not just after your wallet. I hate having to buy a twenty dollar meal every time I want a good dicking. 

So tell me TGO where do you like to pick up chicks that don’t my cost more than a weeks pay?