The other day I had lunch with just water to drink. 

Water is pretty good. There’s lots of things you can make with water like Beer, lemonade, Soda, Ramen Noodles. 

But mostly water is for water beds. 

99.9% pure

I knew a guy in the nineteen twenty’s that would get water so cold it would freeze then he’d make cocktails out of bootleg gin and the ice. 

I knew a different guy in the nineteen nineties that used water to get chicks naked. He had a fiberglass tub he filled with hot water and soap bubbles and then Invited strippers over to snort blow and drink champagne in it. 

The devils playground.

I have a buddy that owns a white water raft, he likes to load it up with camping gear and food then take chicks on the water through the Grand Canyon. 

Of course half the babies in this country would not even exist if it were not for wet T-shirt contests. 


The opposite of using water to get laid is the cold shower. 

So tell me TGO what are some of the ways you have used water to get laid?