More Empire Strikes Back Bounty Hunters in The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian is likely to be the next Star Wars project we see. I’d expect that it’ll hit a bit before we see Episode IX. I’d also suspect that we see footage from the show in the next couple of weeks. Star Wars Celebration is as good a guess as any. There are more rumors circulating around the production. Many of them coming through Reddit (again, never that trustworthy). This information comes from the Star Wars Leaks sub, but it did come from the moderator, which may make it a bit more trustworthy. There could be some spoilers ahead.

  • More recognizable Bounty Hunters will appear. IG-88 has already been hinted at, but now its expected that Bossk, Dengar and possibily Zuckuss will all be featured. This post also further confirmed that Taika Waititi will voice IG-88.
  • IG-88 is said to be a “sidekick” of sorts to Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian.
  • Gina Carano’s character is also heavily tied to the Mandalorian and has long dark hair, but she is not heavily armoured.
  • There is a blacksmith character that provides the lead character with upgrades over the course of the show.
  • The primary setting of the series is Tatooine. Not a surprise for a show that features a lot of Bounty Hunters. Jabba the Hutt is dead, but I’m sure a lot of illegal business is still taking place on the planet.
  • There is also a forest world that could be Endor or Kashyyyk.
  • The moderator also claims to have seen concept art of the Mandalorian standing on top of a TIE Fighter shooting a flamethrower at his wings. Seems odd that it’d be a TIE Fighter since the Empire is done in this era, but I’m open to it. Sounds like it could make for a cool sequence

That’s a wrap on this batch of rumors. We’ll see if any ring true.