Deep Cut of the Day

Since its the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death I thought it may be a good time to highlight a Nirvana deep cut.

To be honest. I’ve never listened to a full Nirvana album because I’ve never really cared for the band’s singles with the exception of a few songs. I’ve only ever really stumbled over their deep cuts if they’ve been used in soundtracks or another artist covers them.

This deep cut comes off Nirvana’s trademark album Nevermind. Their first album on a major label and the album that made them stars. The album originally debuted at #144 on the Billboard 200 at the time it was released, but roughly 4 months later thanks to the success of the lead single Smells Like Teen Spirit it managed to hit #1. Its the type of underdog story that doesn’t really happen in music anymore. Nevermind has sold 30 million copies, paved the way for other talented Seattle artists to get some recognition and is still influencing artists that are coming out these days.

Today’s deep cut is Territorial Pissings. Even though I’ve never really cared for Kurt Cobain he has a lot of influences I like. Territorial Pissings sort of shows off the punk side of Nirvana.