Villain’s Expanded List of the Worst People on Earth

  1. Guys who say “the only reason I didn’t join the army is because I’d punch the drill instructor in the face once he started yelling at me”. Yeah right bro. So many lanky white guys say that.
  2. People who have normal vehicles, but they think they are really cool and exotic. Your 2005 Honda Civic is nothing special. It doesn’t matter what you put on it or in it.
  3. People who text during movies.
  4. People who enjoy conflict. Its so annoying when you have a friend that always has to be in the middle of every fight.
  5. People who leave shopping carts in the parking lot and not in the designated spots. These sort of people might be the laziest people alive.
  6. People who shit on other people’s interests without ever giving them a fair shake. I have so many people tell me “Star Wars sucks” without ever watching one of the movies. If you watch one of them and decide you don’t like it I can understand. Otherwise, go fuck yourself.
  7. People who chew more than 2 pieces of gum at once and make a loud noise while they are chewing.
  8. People who mow their lawn before 9AM
  9. Internet users that are always looking for a fight on social media. I’ve had a lot of people brag to me about how tough they are after they fought with someone online.
  10. Fortnite people these days. Its a trend that has been hanging on by a thread for like a year now.

Who are the people that are pissing you off these days TGO?