Battle Royal

Violence is not the answer – if you are a dirty hippie, but the rest of the world thrives under violent conditions. 

 Whether you like gold peak or you like pure leaf you are most likely willing to fight to the death over your beliefs. 

In TheGreatOutdoors violence is a necessary part of the day, and most have come to observe it with acedia . 

As a carnivore and an apex predator I accept the passing of the lesser. I have come to relish the screams of the weak as they have become my dinner bell. 

Today I offer the resurrection of one of mans greatest tests the Battle Royal , where mans ferocity is met by the unbridled rage of a mob.  A place where mass hysteria rules the day and only one man can stand tall in the ashes of war. 

Men touching men for pay.

So I must ask fellow outdoorstypes do tights make the man or does the man make the tights?