Killing The Classics With One Mat Gang

Welcome to my brand new segment. This will be about proving myself.

The term Five Tool Player comes from the baseball world

When someone can do it all they are called a Five Tool Player.

The best thing about being an author on TGO is the discovery of the greatness inside myself. By pushing myself and putting it out there for our millions of viewers, I’ve discovered I’m a Five Tool Player.

I can dance like a star

I’m a master at juggling

Nobody can sweep as good as me

I’m an amazing chef

That’s four tools. What else besides dancing, juggling, sweeping, and cooking is there to define a person? That’s right. Singing. My angelic voice.

I’ve proven myself to be a world class singer with my original material. But sometimes people want to hear you sing something they know. One of the standards. A real classic. Where I prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am a Five Tool Player

That brings us to


Well there you have it.

I’ve proven I’ve got The Stuff.

Do you have any requests?

As long as it’s on my new CD

I’ll Kill It!