JJ Abrams Reveals That He Originally Turned Down Episode IX

JJ Abrams gave an interview that was released yesterday where he finally gave some information about his experience writing and directing Episode IX. JJ will almost certainly be in Chicago on Friday for the Episode IX panel, where we are likely to hear more information about the film. However in this interview he revealed that Episode IX wasn’t exactly something he was interested in at first.

This isn’t exactly a surprise, but JJ turned down Episode IX at first, because he already had some other projects going on. JJ is on board several projects as a producer, and he actually turned down The Force Awakens at first as well. It was his wife that convinced him that he should give Episode IX a shot.

JJ also confirmed that Colin Trevorrow’s script for the movie was entirely scrapped and JJ and Chris Terio started again from scratch. He basically said that the project was huge considering the minimal amount of time he had to do it. Especially when he had to follow up with the characters that he created, but after Rian Johnson took the story in a direction he may not have chosen.