Star Wars Celebration Roundup

This weekend was one of the first for great weather this year, so I wasn’t as locked into Star Wars Celebration as I should have been. In the end it didn’t really matter, because after the Episode IX trailer was released there wasn’t really a whole lot that blew me away. I just thought I’d take this post to highlight a few other things that happened.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

The trailer for the new Star Wars game Jedi Fallen Order debuted on Saturday. I’m not a gamer so I have no idea if this looks cool or not. I wouldn’t say the trailer tells us a lot, but we know its a padawan after the Empire takes over. If you haven’t seen the trailer you can see it for yourself here.

The Mandalorian

I did tune in to The Mandalorian panel for a while, but I got sort of pissed off that they did show their “sizzle reel” to everyone. They blacked out on the stream when they showed the footage, so now there is a bunch of low quality versions of it online that was shot on phones. Why not just post it for everybody rather than let everyone record a shitty version of it? It featured some footage but it’s mostly interviews with the directors and other players involved. We did get some official character names. Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano and Carl Weathers all made an appearance. Weathers says he’s the head of a Bounty Hunters Guild named Greef Carga, and Carano is a former Shock Trooper. Here are some photos from the panel. Looks like its definitely going to have a Western feel. Jon Favreau really showed off his love for Star Wars, and also said some elements from Legends could be returning to canon.


Heres the featurette in shitty quality. I hope they’ll release a higher quality version soon because its obvious that there’s so many versions of it out there now.

The Phantom Menace Panel is Today

There is a panel for the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace. The only reason I’ve even mentioned it is there is a possibility that Ewan McGregor will be there and would could possibily get some information about that Kenobi miniseries that has been rumored.