Is Choking the Chicken Therapeutic?

A good yank can sometimes be the healthiest thing you can do. If I didn’t jack off at least a couple of times a day I’d be far less functional than I would be if I didn’t.

Choking the chicken is something I do in the morning so I can get my mind of sex long enough to get my work done. Since I don’t have another person to have sex with I have to do it all by myself in the bathroom before work. Sometimes its more convenient. It doesn’t take as long and you don’t have to worry about satisfying a partner. I find that in the morning a quick yank will wake me up quicker than the strongest coffee ever would.

This has the opposite effect at night. Choking the chicken before bed is the best way to get some shut eye after a long day. Sleeping pills are a waste of time. If you take 3-4-5-6 minutes to wax that monkey you’ll be done and asleep for the night no less than two minutes after climax.

Do you jack off to wake yourself up and put yourself to sleep like I do?