Never in my life have I seen a video game that has gotten such mixed reviews, the reviews are one extreme or the other. Days Gone is not a 1 out of 10, and it’s not a 10 out of 10 by any stretch of the imagination.

Liberal reviewers are giving this game low scores because the main protagonist is a ‘gruff white’ guy (that’s literally a complaint from multiple game sites such as IGN, GAME INFORMER & GAMESPOT, and other gaming channels across the internet). In one part of the game a man says ‘I only follow one rule, the American Constitution’, and that comment pissed off the liberals.

There is a scene when a female bandit gets the drop on you with a gun, but her rifle is out of ammo. The main protagonist doesn’t shoot her because she’s a woman (it’s a code he lives by). That part of the game furiated the feminist, apparently not shooting a female is sexist. If I was in an apocalypse scenario and a chick didn’t shoot me because I was a Male, I wouldn’t be crying about it, I assure you.

Giving a game a low score because of your political views is as immature and unprofessional as it gets (liberals are truly simple animals). You review a game based on its gameplay and design, nothing more, nothing less. The developers of Days Gone (bend STUDIO) poured 7 years of their life into making a game as entertaining as possible. bend STUDIO deserves a fair critique, and that’s where I, The Bulge comes in.

DISCLAIMER: The game got a lot of negative feedback because of glitches and framerates dropping. I haven’t noticed any of that yet because of the Day One Patch.

GRAPHICS: Days Gone is absolutely gorgeous. The world is breathtaking with lush trees & ferns blowing in the wind as rain bounces off your leather jacket. Your boots leave tracks in the mud and snow. The attention to detail is astonishing.

SOUND: Awesome! You hear the sound of your footsteps change as you go from soft ground, onto train tracks, onto water, onto snow. All manners of animals, waterfalls, storms, people talking, your motorcycle and Zombies are all clearly heard like they are right next to you. And the soundtrack is low, gritty and delightfully depressing.

GAMEPLAY: Oh boy, this is where things get interesting. Shooting a gun, riding your motorcycle, melee combat and simply walking around feels good, nothing groundbreaking.

My number one complaint, THE ENEMY AI DURING GUN-PLAY! The AI pretty much sucks, they just stand there and take cover when you aim (some times). I haven’t witnessed any flanking or basic AI intelligence from NPCs yet, and I doubt I will. Gun-play is still slightly enjoyable though, it’s not the worst I’ve ever played. 90% of the time though, you don’t even need to go-in all barrels blazing. You can just stealth kill everybody, which is easy as hell. The developers must have made all the NPCs death and dumb.

The Freakers (zombies) in the game are the main attraction as far as enemies go. Freakers are scary, fast and look cool as fuck when hundreds are running at you. It’s a sight to behold.

CONCLUSION: If Days Gone had good enemy AI during firefights, then Days Gone would be an absolute masterpiece. That being said, the game is still addictive. The atmosphere and world is a creepy pleasure to play in. This is the first Triple A video game that bend STUDIO has made in 20 years (their last one was Syphon Filter on the first Playstation). If Days Gone is signs of things to come from these game developers, then I guarantee you that Sony has another brilliant game studio on their hands.