It’s Coffee Time! With Dr. Teeth

Grab a cup and join the chit chat. Whether your drinking Starbucks, McDonald, K-Cup or Circle K coffee it doesn’t matter all coffee is welcome. Even the cheap stuff someone made at work is welcome.


I got my cup….


So let’s get started. First topic is TV. So much on so hard to keep up with everything to know what is going on by the water cooler at work. But we can try.

Game of Thrones would be the first big topic. Last night was a huge episode. Not to spoil anything but there was some major deaths after a major battle. An episode that did not disappoint.

After Game of Thrones was Berry. What a wild show that is. Don’t want to spoil that but bodies dropped  and a crazy girl went on the lose. I don’t know what to think of this show it is so out there.

If your are a sports fan there was a huge NBA game on yesterday….Warriors vs the Rockets….and it did not disappoint. It came down to the final few minutes as both teams traded baskets all through the game.

Let’s move on to the big movie…..Avengers End Game. I have yet to see it but it is shattering records and I have to try hard to avoid all the spoilers online…which is a pain cause everyone is talking about it.

Games….Days Gone By is out and with really mixed reviews. Not a bad game but outside of swarms of zombies nothing really special either.

Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland will open in about a month from now on May 31 and at Disney-world on August 29. I’m not much a Disney person anymore but I admit this new land has me interested but knowing how crowded it will be for sometime I don’t see myself going the first year it is open.

There you guys have it. Some swanky water cooler topics to discus just like you’d find on the many swell channels on Disqus.