Jim Dandy To The Rescue

Since TGO has decided to dip our toes into the political waters, I wanted to make my position known regarding some hot button issues.

First off, I support the election of Jim DePasquale to the position of Town Supervisor.

He is an honest man. I know this from experience. When he was running for office he stopped at my home. I had just finished splitting wood and was smoking a joint while I stacked the split wood. He walked up and introduced himself and his intentions to run for office. I offered him the joint and said I’d vote for him if he helped me stack wood. Jim not only turned down the marijuana, but he also declined my bribe offer. So I know Jim has integrity.

Also, I like what he has done since taking office. He increased parking for the farmers market

And he spearheaded a project to get the Holland-Glenwood bridge reopened.

But, his policy on standing in opposition to the gun range planned for Blanchard road were not correct. The range was not breaking any existing laws. But he considered the complaints from neighbors.

If they don’t like the noise they can go back to the city. There the gun shots are coming at you and a noise complaint won’t stop it.

How do you feel about the job Jim is doing?