Deep Cut of the Day

Megadeth is by far my personal favorite band of the big 4 of thrash. I enjoy Metallica at times, but they also bring me a fair amount of frustration. The two bands will forever be linked because Dave Mustaine was of course fired by the band right before their debut album and Megadeth always seemed to be playing second fiddle to Metallica ever since.

Rust in Peace is Megadeth’s most acclaimed record with fans even though the album that followed, Countdown to Extinction sold more copies. Its sort of the peak of their thrash metal experiment and for the rest of the 90s they went in a more mainstream direction. It was the first record of Megadeth’s classic lineup featuring Mustaine, David Ellefson, Marty Freidman on guitar and Nick Menza on drums. The guitar and drums positions in Megadeth have been revolving pretty much since the beginning, but this line up stuck for 4 albums.

Rust in Peace spawned two huge Megadeth songs, Holy Wars… The Punishment Due and Hangar 18. Today’s deep cut is a concert staple that doesn’t have the following that those definitive tracks do but is a fan favorite, Tornado of Souls.

Tornado of Souls is one of their more frequently played songs in concert. In 2010 to mark the albums 20th anniversary Megadeth toured and played the Rust in Peace album in its entirety and released a live album of a Hollywood show.

What is your favorite Megadeth track?