Random Ramblings

-It’s been 12 days since my last installment of Growing A Potato Tree. We’ve had 10 days of rain in that time. I bet that Satanic tree is 5 foot tall by now

-Besides money or valuables, what is one object that would drastically improve your life? I need stairs to access my crawl space above the garage. I’m losing valuable storage space.

-When you become immersed in the general population as I was this past weekend, you notice changes in society that start with the youth. The camping/boating event I attend, the majority of the participants are 21-30 years old. One thing that was traditionally part of the language of this event was to yell SHOW ME YOUR TITS! This has been acceptable behavior for the last 20 years. But this year I didn’t hear it once. Sexual harassment is now taken seriously. The youth have spoken, or not spoken in this case.

-While sexual harassment is out with the kids, golden showers are in. At the aforementioned camping trip, there were keg stops along the creek side. Being a rainy day these areas became very muddy. One stop saw a keg perched atop a small incline. People took turns trying to run up the slippery bank and back down with a full cup of beer. A game of mudslide broke out. And one man pissed down the muddy embankment while another guy dove into his stream and slid down the hill to the cheers of hundreds. Like a glorious piss water slide.