Prontoon Broat Vacay

Hey TGO, Steve Brashakis here. We managed to get the new broat restored enough to take it on a serious fishing trip before the end of Spring, so we hooked up that badass next gen state of the art machine to the old jalopy and struck out North to San Luis Obisbo county for a few days of bass fishing at the unusually and almost otherworldly beautiful Lake Nacimiento.


Lake Nacimiento is just outside Paso Robles, Ca. and has reasonably priced rustic lodging right on the lake.

Nice patio with B.B.Q.


Reasonable living space.


We won’t go into this right now, but, just so you know,


Anyhow, Paso Robles is not only home to Lake Nacimiento but is also a short distance from the area where actor James Dean was killed by a reckless driver. A reckless driver who was a TOTAL LOSER!!! Off the 46 between the 5 and 101 is a stop known as “James Deans last stop” where you can get gas as well as some of the Tom darn tastiest packaged snacks you will find anywhere. They got cajun cashews, they got habanero almonds, they got garlic pistachios, peach butter, spicy bbq sauce, salsa, okra, cobbler, homemade fudge, clean restrooms…. They fuckin’ got everything in that place!!!! Its fuckin’ awesome man!!!!


They even got…….., James Deans goggles….. Found after 62 years!



Out front is a nice rendering of James Dean in classic 50’s theme. His finger is telling you to git on inside and pick up a supply of Thomas Cruise level; snack foods, jarred vegetables, and preserves. When James Deans finger gives a man instructions, that man would be wise to just go with it. That finger has seen it all people.


Lake Nacimiento has over 100 miles of shoreline when at full capacity. Unfortunately, Ca. leadership over the last few decades has been absolutely abysmal and the lake water is poorly managed. The amount of water in the lake is irresponsibly managed which has some known impact on the overall size of the bass. Lake record is only around 12 lbs for largemouth and about 8 for smallmouth. As far as numbers though there are thousands of bass. As far as an example of the mismanagement of the lake, last year the volume of water dropped from full capacity to 17% in just a couple months. Lake advocates are currently suing the governing body. We usually go in the Spring right after the end of seasonal rains and last two times in a row the lake was full. Kick-Ass!!!

Mornings were foggy on the lake and the evenings were beautifully calm. Mildly breezy with few clouds. Just a couple of hot hours from 2 till 4 although we were at the end of the spawning season and should have gone sooner but did not get the ‘toon dialed in soon enough.

6:00 a.m.


7:00 p.m.


I bet you guys know what that white stuff in the water is, don’t you TGO?!?

IMG_5694 (1)

When the water level is up there is great access to the west end of the lakes flooded canyon area. A long windy canyon area where the lake itself is fed by the Nacimiento River. A narrow 4 to 5-mile long run known as “The Narrows”.

IMG_5698 (1)


With the high water, there were numerous shallows formed which are perfect for bedding bass. As we were late in the season these spots were not as productive and the fish we caught in these areas were all less than 2 lbs. Although beautiful none the less and perfect for snack and hooter breaks.




We had better luck fishing the rock structure. There are many rock shelf banks and submerged rock structure areas in the narrows that are perfect for using plastic worms. We have had the best luck lately using black or very dark Yamamoto senko worms, 4,5,6″ with size 1 worm hooks and single 1/4 oz. split shot. We are lazy stoners though, properly worked jigs with pork skin trailers can land slab fish here.

This was the best one I landed. About 2.5 lbs. I had one a little bigger and lost it like a total googin trying to bring it into the boat hanging on the line without grabbing its lip and it snapped my 8 lb. test line.

IMG_5708 (4)

Here are a couple more shots of some rocky shore and submerged rock areas. In the first photo, some of what looks like a reflection on the water is submerged rock. The next shows a nice rockpile.



All in all, it went pretty well. The open deck space was a nice change of pace from our 17′ open bow fiberglass broat. There is a small table that did not make it into any photos that we had our propane stove on to cook brats for lunches. You can walk around and stretch your legs whenever you want and could even lay down and take a nap with a sleeping bag or bedroll. Plenty of room for straight man type activities but for now we won’t be going into any discussions of proper ways to exhibit masculine male behavior as per Greek antiquity.


Until next time, peace out TGO!