The good Doc here to tell you all I’ve had a strange past week. Never in my life have I the good Dr. Teeth ever engaged in any type of sexting online on my computer or on my phone with anyone. I’ve seen other people do it and never really thought much for it. I’m not really for it or against it. I really haven’t thought much about it. Then something happened to me last week on Disqus. I was really bored and just not giving a fuck about things. I started talking to this chick who I’d briefly talked with before a few times on and off and it just so happened she was extremely bored also.

So I offered to roll play giving her a foot massage just for the hell of it. Well things got playful between us. I started giving hints about where my hand was going and she to my surprise encouraged me to keep going. Before you know it that foot massage turned into full on sex roll playing. Now I got to admit I didn’t really get off on it but strangely enough I did get a weird rush and a buzz from it. It felt good on an emotional level. It was like I took a drug…..there was a high from it. Which made think what the hell am I exactly getting high off of really?

I guess there a few things that are giving me a buzz. There is the fuck Disqus rush knowing that I am breaking one of the more serious rules but it still isn’t that serious really. There is the rush knowing there is probably several other people watching us do this so there is an exobitionist thing to some degree. But more so is the playful banter and give and take that plays out just like in real foreplay and real sex. Strangely enough the mind enjoys that stuff. It enjoys the game you play with that other person and how you both work to please one another. I don’t know why but it just does even when it is fake.

Now I have to add I do try to be courteous and try to delete what I’m saying as I go…..not everyone wants to read people sexting and there are kids out there on Disqus…..yeah…but the chick is kind of a rebel with that and doesn’t seem to care….so we leave trails of our doings.

So in the early morning hours as we were finishing up our first sexting together on a news channel….BAM…I got contacted by one of the mods she or he had read some of my comments that went into the pending box by accident ( i tried to delete them but couldn’t) because I used some inappropriate words and she gave me a warning and then a minute later she or he changed their mind and banned me. And that was my first sexting experience. At one in the morning I tried to go to bed but I couldn’t……that rush was still in me so I tossed and turned for at least another hour before falling asleep…..later the chick told me she had the same problem—apparently I was not the only one getting a rush from it.

Well I thought that’s it. That was a cool experience time to move on I guess. Well the same chick later asks me if I’d do it again with her…..I said hmmmm maybe. A few days later well shit there I was doing it with her again and then again. Both channel discussions got deleted because of us but strangely we didn’t get banned.

Now of course a few things went through my mind. Who the fuck is this chick? She seems cool but I know nothing about her (she says she’s almost 20 but rule one of Disqus is don’t believe anything people tell you)…..she could be a dude pretending to be a girl she could be some old lady she could be some 15 year old girl for all I know or even a cop. I don’t know. I honestly find myself not really caring. I’m having fun and I have no plans to ask for her number or for her to send me pics or an email or anything—I don’t want that type of trouble. I think part of the fun is there are no strings attached so there is a freedom to it all. She is my Disqus girlfriend for now–she has at least made Disqus interesting again. Yeah she flirts with everyone but it doesn’t bug me I find it kind of cute actually. Another guy she used to talk to got jealous of me and I found that amusing. I find it funny how people get emotionally attached to people on Disqus to the point they get jealous or even possessive. I’ve seen so much drama on Disqus over the years I am not fazed by it anymore……I actually kind of enjoy creating some of it strangely enough with her. Yeah I get a sense this chick is trouble but so am I. If I get banned so what I’ve gotten pretty bored with Disqus.

So if I do end up getting banned from Disqus for good you all will know why now. Because I’m a god damn rebel…..but you guys new that already.

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