Avoid men’s married to liberals

Two liberals

If you have been wondering what’s going on in the sex life of your buddy with the liberal for a wife, we have that information for you. 


That’s about it

Authentic love as displayed by the liberal elite.

You see comet ping pong has enough sex slaves and the liberals are back to their murderous ways now that they have moved Hollywood to Hotlanta. Alyssa Milano blew the dog whistle and women of the leftish persuasion are drying up the access men are seeking. Basically what this means is their men are going to be grumpy. I highly recommend taking employment from men with conservative wife for the next six weeks. 

conservatives are in a better mood this week

Oh does that star spangled banner yet wave?
Conservative values put god and country first.
Liberals in government
Liberals men’s will fight back.

Tom bless America and TGO too.