Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Remake Coming

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was the first movie of the a 3 film trilogy starting Rick Moranis as a wacky scientist who always made dangerous mistakes. Those mistakes mostly resulted in someone’s size suddenly changing.

Now it looks like Disney is going to try and give the first film the remake treatment. Going by the name Shrunk. The replacement for Rick Moranis is Disney’s golden boy Josh Gad, who I could personally take or leave. Gad is supposedly going to be playing the son of Rick Moranis’ character. The only possible good that could maybe come of this is that it could possibly bring Rick Moranis out of that long hiatus he’s been on since his wife passed away in 1997.

Personally, I’m unaffected by this remake. The first one is not an untouchable movie, but I also don’t really think it was a strong candidate for a remake either.

The film is expected to be released theatrically, not on Disney+. Do you like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? Do we need a remake?