Random Ramblings

-Have you ever been helping someone out and you make a slight error? And then that person yelled Be Careful? As if you intentionally hit the table into their drywall. So annoying.

-I think of myself as not being overly concerned with the opinions of others. But this weekend I had a situation that tested my theory. My cat used my face as a springboard while I slept. He opened up a large gash across my nose. I immediately was worried what people would say. About my looks and about me getting hurt by a cat. I guess when push comes to shove, I do care about the opinions of strangers. And there is a sense of vanity that I didn’t experience before. I guess my face means something to me after all.

-This also raises the point of why is there a stigma about cat owners? Are you less of a man if you have a pet cat?

-Over the last year I’ve made an effort to drastically cut down my drinking. I’ve been very successful. It’s made a big difference in my overall health and happiness. But that evil mother fucker called alcoholism still whispers in my ear. He tells me I would be better off getting rid of my wife and my house. Too much responsibility he tells me. I could really have fun drinking myself to death. I listen to what he says. At times it makes total sense

-Unfortunately the weather has been uncooperative to begin filming season 3 of Bird Time! But trust me, it will be worth the wait. Big things in store.