Favorite places to be high

Hey TGO. Where are your favorite places, or what scenario is your favorite to be high as a kite in? My personal favorite realm to be wasted in is on or near water at night. When I was a drinkin’ teen The Doors were one of my favorites and I just loved the song Moonlight Drive. The idea of being so wasted you could swim to the moon in its reflection on the sea really got me. For me there is just something otherworldly about the light on the dark water, especially colored light, it just gets me in my gut. More when on a boat with the feeling of buoyancy and the lap of the water. It can change my senses like a drug. Like coke almost. All I do anymore is cannabis but my God I love to be super stoned on the water at night. Long Beach Harbor is cool at night.

IMG_0430 - version 2

Sometimes we get electric rental boats and go to Newport Harbor near X-mas and trip on the X-mas decorations. It’s super extra bitchin’ when high on the chrondo.




Take my advice. When you are fuckin’ tweetered on top shelf on a boat in a harbor at night, with hundreds of other boats. Let someone else pilot the boat. Capice?

Sometimes I like to fantasize about taking my boat to New York Harbor and get some nice indica bud and just go hog fuckin’ wild in there! I wonder if you could get mugged in there while on the boat. Or get hookers to bait your pole for you in exchange for doobies. Or even score more dope off the shore from a Puerto Rican kid named Jimi. A really cool kid. Like from a movie. like The Warriors. That would be like, really cool.


Ok TGO, where is your fave spot to tie it on bigtime?