Warning minor spoilers but nothing major:

We are up to the third John Wick movie now. This franchise took everyone by surprise when it first came out. The gun-fu martial art choreography along with the slick cinematography and dark underworld it created was top notch for it’s genre. But after three installments does it all still feel fresh?

That is a difficult question to answer. There are moments when things feel fresh and exciting but there are also moments where things start to feel stale and old. Has John outlived his welcome? I don’t know. In some ways yes. I do feel like three movies is enough for me. But they have created enough here that they can spin things off into new directions if they chose. This movie ends were it begins….with John on the run once again and out for more blood. I feel like they are trying to turn the Wick franchise into the martial arts gun-fu version of The Fast and the Furious. Many thought three Fast and Furious movies was enough as well but they someone found a way to keep making them and people kept showing up to watch them…..John will have a similar fate if people keep showing up to his movies I’m sure of it.

Ok so the movie….was it good? I enjoyed it. Halle Berry is pretty much the female version of John. Already I can see potential team ups and spin offs. Was there much story….not really….its a John Wick movie. Was there good action? Yup. Does some of it get a little old? Yeah some of it does but there is some fresh new things in there as well. It’s not a perfect movie but for those who know what they are getting into they will enjoy seeing John do what John does. If you liked the the other Wick movies you obviously will enjoy this one. Is it the best of the three movies? No. But I’d say it’s at least as good as the second movie. Moments to remember…..motorcycle fighting…..Halle Berry and her dogs…..Gordon Liu and his ninjas.