so I realized recently that im actually a pvssy

now dont get me wrong if someone starts a fight im gonna do my damnest to beat the sh!t outta them even they they knock me down it aint over till im satisfied but a little while ago I got some new neighbors and they put their gym equipment in our garage because they dont have one well I started to go down there because I had no cell phone and my computer screens power cable was damaged….again….so Id been using it for a while and eventually I worked up the courage to hit the bag when I walked up got ready was about to go for a punch but then I stepped forward to measure the distance I tapped the bag softly with my left hand(for no real reason) and walked backwards started to punch and stopped halfway as my hand started to sting like a full encompassing pain a few minutes later my knuckles changed colour so I did some light running and stopped gyming and a few hours later I noticed my hand was bruised badly on the pinky and ring finger knuckles…well that was two months ago and it still feels like I really should be using it to hit anything when I try it goes red and hurts a little when my other hand does not….so im come to the full realization that im not as tough as I once though and im actually a little b!tch…please feels free to share any similar storys so we can feel like B!tches together…..oh and also my left hands my dominant hand