I decided to visit one of my favorite Disqus channels Cheating Whores the other day. Let me tell you this a fun place to be if your looking for some fun interesting conversations. I tried to start up a friendly conversation with this lady called Tanya Johnson.



Well I asked Tanya: whats your story exactly…you just talk about your husband….you should sign him up so he can come here to talk about you—BAM! I GOT BANNED!

I was like WUUUUTTT. So I decided to bring it up on Banned Camp….


A lot of people came to my defense as you can tell I got well over 200 replies. Despite the support though whoever the owner is he or she did not unban me unfortunately. Instead I woke up to see THIS….


After all the free publicity I gave that wonderful channel THIS is how I am repayed. I am truly hurt by this.

So I am asking the good TGO soldiers to go pay the channel a visit and put a good word in for me. I am hoping if you tell them what a great guy I am they may just unban me. You might also get lucky and find a nice Indian lady or man to chat with you as well while your there.


Please people this would mean so much to me.

Sincerely Dr. Teeth