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Im trying something new Recently Iv decided that there are alot of Youtube channels that have very few Subscribers and views but excellent content aswell as some Channels with over a 1 Million but still theyre no where near being mainstream or well known so I want to give a brief description of a channel and what they do and you all can take a look and watch a video or two in support if you like them…also this is not some sort of paid promotion nor am I any good at promoting or reviews I just wanna add one or two fans to the masses of my favorite creators aswell as some that I may not like but others would all in the spirit of “why the Fvck not” but here I begin…  https://www.youtube.com/user/SexuaLobster/featured SexuaLobster now known as Greasy Tales is a channel with mildy disturbing adult centered funny short Cartoons Featuring Such Characters as Fernando the Manwhore and his crafty assistant Gooseman with no such title and also Randy…the Creator who is still working on content to this day has a few series that theyre working on and some theyve stopped including a two part parody of Dragon Ball Z and a weird spin off of Pokemon theres a number of Entertaining Music Videos aswell but the most on again off again series is a collection of stories that Follows Fernando and Goosemans daily lives theres also a mild lore between videos that carrys on but a good place to start would be the pleasure island videos of which there are a few parts each between the artists evolution so the graphics change noticeably or you could just watch some of the music videos 848586726_title_blackfont680.png