Missed(ernomer) Connections

There is a saying around these parts.

You never know with TGO

Sarcasm runs rampant. Sometimes at TGO a man I’ve never met in person will offer to ass blast me. I usually agree to accept their dong in my rear. One Mat Gang is wild. But the guy typing these words doesn’t realistically expect a dong to show up at my door. It’s all part of the fun.

So, when I received this message from a fellow TGO author, I didn’t for a second think it had any truth behind it

At this point I still felt like this might just be a TGO hoax.

Boy was I wrong. Misternomer was in the same city. Not far from me. But I was at a high volume concert stoned out of my mind.

Damn. My bad. I owe you a beer on the way back through. And I gotta take you for real wings. Not those corporate ones.

Sorry TGO. I dropped the ball. We could have had live author on author man-sex for all to see. Just two guys covered in Franks Red Hot and jizz. Next time. I promise.

Tell me about your Missed Connections