Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to a Fight

Justin Bieber is not really I subject I like to bring up because he appears to be such an asshole, but this story is just too good. Beiber took to Twitter yesterday to challenge Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise to an MMA fight in the octagon. As far as I know Cruise hasn’t responded to the challenge yet.

Honestly, this is so stupid that I sort of hope it happens. If it does I really hope Tom Cruise kicks JBs ass. Cruise is 56, but he is known for keeping in excellent shape during his training for movies. He’s been fearless and done his own stunts for years.

The only thing would be if Cruise did lose it’d probably do a number on his career because JB is perceived as a bit of a pussy. Realistically Bieber should win because he’s younger, but I’d love to see Cruise prove that he really is as badass as he appears in his movies. He probably has the most to lose in a fight with JB.

What do you think of a possible fight between Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber?