R.I.P. Bushwick Bill

Richard Shaw was born in Kingston Jamaica in 1966 and despite being born with dwarfism, he would become a legend in hip hop.

After his family moved to Texas Richard started out as a street dancer. He performed under the name Little Billy. He was asked to join the Geto Boys in 1986. After some early lineup shuffling the classic trio of Willie Dee, Scarface, and Bushwick Bill would become the permanent version of The Geto Boys that would go on to help ignite hardcore hip hop. Their ultra violent lyrics assured they would never get radio play.

Bushwick Bill had a life altering incident in 1991. Bill began arguing with his girlfriend while under the influence of grain alcohol and PCP. She pulled a gun on him and he tried to take the gun away from her. In the struggle Bill was shot in the eye. They used the incident as inspiration for their next album

Despite no radio play the album went platinum. This would be the peak of their fame. Though they made many more albums and continued to tour until recently.

Sunday Bushwick Bill died of pancreatic cancer at 52. It took that much to finally stop Bushwick Bill. I’m honored to have seen them live a few years ago and to have helped crowd surf Bushwick all over the venue. Epic night.

Were you a fan? (Not you Ray, I know you weren’t)