Any Chance Poe Dameron is Force Sensitive?

Fortunately enough, with Episode IX taking place a year or so after The Last Jedi it takes away a lot of the speculation that came between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. I’m glad it this way. When we see a second trailer we’ll probably get a few more story elements and that’ll be it. Although, some news outlets have been speculating about Poe Dameron over the past few weeks and I thought it’d be an interesting discussion point.

Is there any chance that Poe Dameron is revealed to be force sensitive in the film? Poe is sort of intended to be the “Han Solo” type character for this sequel trilogy so for that reason people seem to have disregarded him as a potential force user. Han isn’t force sensitive, even though he’s a great pilot, so I feel like since Poe filled that role in the new trilogy people assumed the same. I actually think it could make for a very cool moment in the movie if he is.


What really seems to have spawned this speculation is this freeze frame. It could mean nothing, but it almost looks like Poe is reaching out with the force here. He could just simply be reaching for the control as well. It’d be a cool reveal if it happened. In some ways similar to Leia’s in The Last Jedi although it’ll probably be received a bit better.

If Poe is revealed to be force sensitive it will actually have a back story in canon, before The Force Awakens ever came out. In the comic Shattered Empire which took place immediately after Return of the Jedi we met Poe’s mother Shara Bey. During the comic Shara Bey went on a mission with Luke Skywalker, where they retrieved two force trees that were supposedly in the original Jedi temple. Luke kept one tree for himself, but gave Shara Bey the other one, which she planted at her home on Yavin IV. So Poe likely interacted with this tree as kid. Sure, most force sensitive kids are born that way, but maybe being close to the tree as a young kid meant that he got stronger in the force? It may be a stretch, but it’ll be interesting if it rings true.

Do you think Poe Dameron will be revealed to be force sensitive?