Today I realized my dog was an idiot

this morning I was just up stairs doing my thing working on some emulators and backing movies and games up onto discs and Decided to come down and make a cup of coffee flippin kettles broken so I put my mug in the microwave turned it on for three minutes on high and walked out my back door into the small square of high walled paved pattio with an arms length of grass that is my garden and noticed something in the corner of my eye I turned my head and towards the drain in the corner of the garden closest to the door its just a few feet away and its just a small square hole thats not really that deep with a tiny pipe at the bottom its mostly for rainwater from the gutter and the tap that right above it and this is What I saw WhatsApp Image 2019-06-22 at 15.29.36.jpeg   this is my Dog iv only had him for a few months now but hes an old boy and he loves sleeping in the sun light right next to that drain but he also tosses and turns in his sleep I dont know how long he was in there it was probably only a few minutes but hes too well trained for his previous job to bark for help or whine or anything so he just stood there on his toes while my neighbors rat of a dog licked his face