11 > 88

Ever since Jon Favreau released a photo of a droid on his Instagram last Christmas people assumed that IG-88 was going to be in his Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. Turns out that’s not the case. The droid is actually a new character called IG-11.

IG-88 is one of the bounty hunters that appears in the Empire Strikes Back and since this new droid looks just like him I never thought of anything different. I missed a lot of the footage from The Mandalorian and ignored a lot of it because the quality was garbage. So it turns out this information has been out for a while now, I just didn’t notice.

IG-11 looks to be performed by Taika Waititi (who is also directing an episode). It does make sense that if Waititi’s playing the character that they start from scratch. Lucasfilm loves for the droids to be comedic relief and it looks like that is probably their goal once again with IG-11.

So looks like we’re going to have to wait for more development on IG-88.