TGO To Make All Male Charlie’s Angels

It seems like in current Hollywood remaking old movies with all male casts into movies with all female casts is a very popular right now. How come no one has decided to the opposite. There’s a new Charlie’s Angels movie coming out this year. Kristen Stewart is the most recognizable person in the cast. I didn’t even watch the trailer that came out last week. I say we make our own Charlie’s Angels, but with some of the toughest men around.

Here’s my castings for the three members of the Charlie’s Angels gang.

George Wendt (Cheers)


Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine)


Jim O’Heir (Parks and Recreation)


Not only did I pick 3 solid manly men to replace the sexy women I’d say I made some pretty cost effective choices. Except Alan Arkin will probably cost a bit because he’s an Oscar winner.

Cast your vote in the comments for who should star. Just try to think of someone young enough to carry the franchise for 10-20 years. We want to make at least a trilogy, maybe more.