A Villain in America

Since today is July 4th and its probably bound to be a slow day on TGO I figured it was time to talk about my lone escapade in America. It was February 2013.

I flew in to Chicago, and I needed to take a shit. So I ran to the bathroom where they have those toilets that has the saran wrap all around it for some reason. Took a shit in America, got some airport McDonalds and then got on my next flight for Huston, Texas.

This time the wait between flights was a little longer. So when I hopped off the plane in Huston, I ran to the bathroom and took another American shit. I was disappointed by the lack of people wearing cowboy hats in Texas. I accidently said “terrorist” in the airport, and no one did anything. Then I spent the rest in my time in America waiting to board my plane while those carts with little black people driving them carried around much bigger and fatter black people. Then I boarded my plane and continued my journey.

I haven’t been in the great nation of America since.