MAD Magazine Passes The Torch To TGO

Funny how sometimes you can call a shot and not even mean to.

This week iconic satire magazine MAD has announced it will no longer be making new issues, except for some special editions. This ends a 67 year run for the print format. Many people learned to look around them and spoof what they see from the sharp and hilarious content in MAD.

Bulgingsnake and I were talking the other day about the end of print media. He brought up the topic of TGO becoming the new satirical magazine for the digital generation

That’s right. MAD Magazine saw my text to Bulgingsnake and decided I was right. TGO is the new MAD Magazine. We picked up that ball of I Don’t Give A Fuck and ran with it.

Thank you Alfred, we will continue to satire, mock, and slander everyone, everywhere, everyday. And Gay on Sunday’s.