For Fans Of Queens Of The Stone Age: Giant Dwarf

Some bands I just know I’m going to like before even hearing one note.

Start at the cover art. Kick-ass walrus, good band name. so far, so good.

Song titles- 1: Golden Walrus 2: Black Thumb 3:Disco Void That’s a promising way to start an album

The sound- It is definitely Josh Homme influenced. The vocal melodies are similar, but the riffs are more direct and beefy. Closer to Kyuss than QOSTA. But still with oddball chord changes and non traditional song structure.

If you’ve ever wanted Queens Of The Stone Age to just rock out and not get cute, then give this a listen.

Giant Dwarf are from Perth Australia and just released their debut album. Hopefully they get to mature their sound a bit. This shows promise. And a fun but short listen at 35 minutes