2 Halloween Movies in a Month?

Blumhouse’s reboot of Halloween was a pretty solid success last year and there was little doubt that there would be sequels to the movie eventually. David Gordon Green is likely to come back for the sequel. Jamie Lee Curtis is already confirmed for a return, but an even juicier rumor is out there about not one sequel, but two.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that 2 Halloween sequels are being directed back-to-back by Green and not only do they plan to release them both in 2020, they actually are hoping to drop 2 Halloween movies in the same month. It’d be a very original move, and a fairly bold one.

Its still just a rumor at this stage, Blumhouse may think better of it. You’d be heavily relying on fans going to see the first movie early and of course, having two movies released so close together would make spoilers even harder to avoid. Still, its a cool thought and I’d be willing to give this a chance.

Do you think releasing 2 Halloween movies in the same month is a good idea?