What Collectables Are Actually Worthless?

There are a lot of incorrect theories about collectables out there right now. Especially with shows like Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. If people have items similar to stuff that is shown on TV for some reason they think its worth something. Chances are it probably isn’t.

One thing that I quickly learned doesn’t really have any value is comic books. People think that just because someone sold an Action Comics #1 (a 1938 comic with the first appearance of Superman) for millions of dollars that their Spawn #1 from 1992 is worth big bucks because Spawn is such a popular character. Once the word got out that old comics were worth something people got too afraid to throw them out. Thinking that if they hung onto them for 10 years or so they’d be able to sell them for a huge profit. Turns out that’s not the case, because if thousands of people still have a copy of this comic book is rendered pretty much useless.

Another one of these things is Star Wars figures. The original Star Wars Kenner toys were worth money because everyone threw them out or gave them away when they grew up. Now, since a few people have gotten huge paydays from the figures. People assume that all Star Wars toys will be huge collectables. Wrong. Its become the general consensus that Star Wars toys are worth money so now everyone holds on to them. There’s even the real dummies who buy two versions of the same toy. One that they keep sealed and one to play with, which makes it even more worthless.

What items are considered valuable, but they actually aren’t?