Boris Johnson is the next PM of England

This shit is both awesome and terrifying in equal measure. Boris Johnson is a fool, a genius, a jingoistic maniac and a retard all blended into one.


Having seen where he has come from in British politics, it is stunning that he has found himself in a position of real power. Johnson’s election to PM is the last desperate gasp from a long dead empire, dying to save face and look dignified while it shits itself upon the world stage.


It’s all to play for now, as the next six months roll onward. I expect a limp-wristed attempt at Britain exiting Europe. The shit-show over the last 18 months pretty much renders them useless and untrustworthy as business partners to the rest of the world. My guess is they’ll make a big song and dance about Independence from Europe, then quietly saunter back into the customs  union under a “common agreement”.