what is life?

many people have theorys on what life and religion really is. some think our reality was manufactured by a higher being, others think the universe was once the size of a pin and is ever expanding, creating life so far away no one of the same species ‘as us’ will ever even reach their not them or their descendants and we couldnt even begin to guess how the laws of physics would work in that part of reality both ideas have some good points…I think….but they both condemn the others beliefs….some more strongly then the others…But I have my own theory one that suggest every living creature has their own reality even if we all mostly occupy the same space time us a concept humans invented its utterly irrelevant just a way to gauge how long its going to be before we die some bugs only live to be a few days old insects like flys are fast their metabolism is much faster then ours and they can move at speeds a human could never reach casually is it cause theyre light or how their bodys made? and are those three days they live equal to the 80 or so a human can live? if a human brain was put inside a flys body and had their senses and thoughts would they be happy with how long they live would it be acceptable or would those few days be long enough for them to come to term with their mortality something that takes humans 50 or so years…and Germs or single cell organisms are they really single celled or can we only see one? and if so are they sentient to in their own environment could they have hopes and dreams and even own property? and if so isnt it possible that we are just sentient single celled organisms in a massive universe that exists in a space under a really large beings fingernails that has only existed for a few hours for them and will be destroyed the moment they wash their hands but for us the length of time is around…14 Billion years….our very reality could be nothing more then the small spark on a match as some businessman is lighting up his cigarette while in traffic on the way to work itll only last for a few second and he will create and destroy countless more reality’s that way through his lifetime only to never find out that his reality exists inside the heat of a magnifying glass used by a child to burn some ants…or maybe some magic bearded man in the clouds made us all because for his own entertainment because tv just wasnt that entertaining for him anymore ….Ps R.I.P Punctuation