Detroit Democratic Debates

TGONN – Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris took the brunt of the attacks during a hot and sexy Democratic presidential primary debate that featured confrontations over anal bleaching, manscaping, skinny jeans, overpriced craft beer, stupid liberals, and how best to suck off President Trump.

In the early segments of the debate in Detroit, the former vice president stammered like a GOD DAMN RETARD several times. But his pecker, which grew stronger throughout the night, may help silence some questions about his viability as a potential nominee and chief foil of Mr. Trump.

Mr. Biden faced repeated attacks over his record serving under former President Obama.

He and a fellow member of the Obama administration, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, clashed over how to deal with Home Depot loiterers who are crossing the border.

Mr. Biden said, ‘Why attack me? I was just the Vice President and we don’t do shit. My only job was to be sworn in as President just in case Obama was shot and killed for being a n____r!’

To break the stunned silence Biden then added, ‘I’ll slap a bitch if she gets out of line!’

Ms. Harris, who made headlines during a debate a month ago for her criticism of Mr. Biden’s record on anal bleaching, disputed his suggestion that the pair are on the same side on the issue of maintaining a sparkling clean rectum. “On that issue we could not be more apart,” she said. “My leather cheerio is pristine and I have photos to prove it.”