Sounds of the 70’s

You know those all star jam sessions they have each year at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame? The ones where ABBA, Tom Petty, and AC/DC play a jumbled mess after being inducted.

Well, imagine if Carlos Santana, Bootsy Collins, And Black Sabbath were inducted and instead of jamming out they disappeared into a studio and returned with an album of choice cuts? Sounds too crazy to be true, right?

It’s stuff of pure fantasy for sure. But other people have had this exact thought. They’re the band called Here Lies Man.

Formed by guitarist/vocalist Marcus Garcia and drummer Geoff Mann (son of Herbie Mann), Here Lies Man mixes funk, Cuban rhythms, and heavily fuzzed out guitars to create a unique sound. It’s taking familiar elements and rearranging them into something new

Sometimes their songs sound similar. But it’s the best porn music you’ve ever heard

They have a new record coming out in a few weeks and here’s the single

If this stuff doesn’t make you shake your ass you better check your pulse!