ADVERTISING ON TGO gets decent offers from people wanting to advertise their products. These people are usually trying to advertise new products that the world doesn’t know about yet.

I get offers ranging from 500 to 1,500 for a years worth of advertising. TGO has even been offered several thousand from porn advertisers. Believe it or not, I want absolutely NO porn on TGO, I don’t care how much this website is offered, porn is cheap and would completely change the dynamic.


If TGO went the advertising route, this format we currently used would be no more. This website would have a format that heavily relied on categories. The front page would be a line of topics. Then you would pick a topic, instead of a front page, that you see now, with every discussion front and center.

What can I say, I like money. I would use the money for cool cameras and gear to make TGO more entertaining. But perhaps the simplicity is the appeal of Thegreatoutdoorsman, that and I dig the format we are currently using.