Texas Boogie- Crypt Trip

Recently, Texas three piece Crypt Trip released their sophomore album called Haze Country. Last year I reviewed their debut for TGO


Let’s see where the new album goes

With Haze Country, Crypt Trip sounds laser focused. They play with familiar sounds like Country, blues, and hard rock. But they are no gimmick band. The core of their sound is really good song writing. Too often bands are concerned with the frosting and not the cake.

Crypt Trip seems very at ease here. They sound like ZZ Top, but with the ingredients amplified. Crypt Trip plays with some serious twang. More country than rock at some moments. But then those moments lead to a great, Dirt-Under-Your-Nails riff.

The growth within the band is fun to witness. At this age, I appreciate the greats that have come before. But I’m a junky for new music.

Don’t let people tell you Greta Van Fleet are here to save rock. Crypt Trip would blow those kids back to hipster town.

Plus you have to admire their courage to go Nuts-to-butts on the album cover. Takes a real man to have gay sex on a tiny vintage motorcycle