Children of Blood and Bone Adaptation Coming at Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm is primarily the house Star Wars and Indiana Jones built, but there are some other projects that people often forget were made under Lucasfilm. This list includes Labyrinth, Howard the Duck and Willow as well as many others.

However, Lucasfilm has been strictly a Star Wars and Indiana Jones company under Disney until now. The company (in collaboration Disney) has decided that its first non-Star Wars and non-Indy movie will be an adaptation of Children of Blood and Bone, a new book series that started last year and will get its first follow up later this year.

This project was originally in development under the Fox banner, but now Disney has decided to make some alterations now that they own Fox. Kay Oyegun, a writer for This is Us is writing the script and Rick Famuyiwa, who has already directed an episode of The Mandalorian for Lucasfilm is directing.

I don’t really know much about this property, but it looks like its got some involvement in African mythology. I’m sure the success of Black Panther is what interests Disney and Lucasfilm in this project. Still, its cool that Lucasfilm is going to try and take on a brand new story rather than just more Star Wars and Indiana Jones forever.

Birth Movies Death described the property as Avatar: The Last Airbender only with more African mythology than Asian.