Music Streaming

Streaming services offer basically the most convenient way to listen to music ever. If you pay your monthly subscription you can pretty much listen to any artist from the last 50-60 years for as much as you want. You can download songs if you’re somewhere where there’s no Wi-Fi. They are essentially the Netflix of music. Only these streaming sites have even fewer limitations, because almost every artist has their music available.

While I still try to support music I like by buying albums streaming sites like Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music are a great way to discover new artists with basically no risk. Its also the easiest way for small time artists to get their music recognized.

However, there seems to be a gray area surrounding how artists actually get paid for streams. Obviously a 10 dollar monthly fee gives each customer an unlimited amount of streams. I listened to this interview with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith a few months back and he makes some interesting points about the way streaming money is shared.

Streaming has basically evolved out of piracy, because people would rather spend 10 bucks a month to have instant access than waste hours downloading their favorite songs illegally.

So, modern music fans want to have access to their favorite artists at nearly no charge. Unless you’re a huge mainstream artist like Drake or Katy Perry I doubt you see much money from these streaming apps.

What is your opinion on music streaming? What app do you use?