Trump targets Democrats over state of Raythedevil at rally somewhere

TGONN – President Trump, at his campaign rally, bemoaned the state of American men with unkempt beards, broadening his days-long onslaught against bad hygiene.

“No one has paid a higher price for the far left’s destructive agenda than Americans living with dirty ass beards that look like a raccoon died on their face.” Trump told his supporters near the start of the event at Arena.

Then, over the course of the next hour, Trump launched into his new slogan that involves Raythedevil as it’s center piece.”Ever since I announced my candidacy in 2016, that was successful by the way, and makes the Democrats cry very much everyday, I said Make America Great Again. But now I have a new slogan. A slogan that I think you will all agree is very wonderful. Get Raythedevil Laid Again.” The crowd then began to chant ‘GrrrrLa, GrrrrLa’ while stomping in excitement like a bunch of crazed stampeding elephants.

Mr. Trump then settled the crowd, “Calm down, calm down. This is a lofty goal. But I think we can find someone that will plow into Ray’s ass once we get him groomed and into some clean clothes!”

Mr. Devil could not be reached for comment. However Beto O’Rourke tweeted, “GrrrLa just might get me to switch parties. Pound me too!”