Legislators party foul and put the “High” in Ohio

So they got together in Ohio and changed the definition of marijuana. They changed it to exclude hemp (you know, that scratchy, twine shit hippies tie in their hair?). They did this by limiting the amount of THC allowed in the “legal” hemp.

This put a bug in the ass of law enforcement, as they are the fuckin buzz police, so they came out and told the public that they have no way of testing for THC content, and the Legislature has effectively legalized weed in Ohio.

What exactly is hemp, you ask? Well, remember when your dad used to joke about the “ditch weed” growing along the side of the road? That’s it. If you smoked a pound of it, you’d smell like shit, but not high. But if you process the plant, you get strong fibers that are naturally occurring, so they’re renewable.

Just so you know, Colorado started before 2000, and fought uphill to pass laws. California has had stoners banging away at the laws since the ’70s. Ohio three-stooged its way into party time!*


*please note that law enforcement in Ohio would like to remind everyone that they will be arresting anyone caught smoking “hemp,” unless you tell them that it has less than 3% THC.